EDTC 300 Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Lochlin and I will be going into my third year of middle years education in the fall 2020 semester. I have had such great experiences in the faculty of education in the last few years and have made some awesome friends along the way as well. A little about myself, I am a very active person and like getting outside to do activities or go to the gym! although at the moment, unfortunately, I am stuck with home workouts instead. I am from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan but during the school year, I live with some roommates in Regina. And just the other day we went into Regina looking for houses to rent and we ended up signing a lease on a place of our own! I know that for most of you reading this that isn’t very interesting, but my roommates and I are very excited to be more independent and have a place of our own!

I actually have very little experience with social media and technologies that can be utilized in an educational setting. I have never had a twitter account, so I was a little bit hesitant about having to make one for this class. I don’t have Facebook either so I find that I don’t really have anything to base my experience off of, the only social media I have is an Instagram account and the reason I chose not to get any others is that I find that I spend too much time on Instagram and I do not want to be spending more time on other social media platforms. But, with that being said I do now have a twitter account and if anyone from class would like to follow me I will put a link to my page here. I have actually dealt with very little technology in a classroom, the most I have experienced was in a grade one class I observed in my first year and that technology was basically just iPads and a smartboard projector, so I am excited about this class and learning how and what other things I can use in a class!

This is a picture from that grade one class in my first year of me and my field partner with these awesome kids!

(P.S I did get permission from the teacher to post this picture if I wanted to)

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