The Start of my Learning Project

To begin my learning project I was not sure about what I was wanting to do and had to think about it for a while.  All I knew was that I wanted to learn something related to fitness and so at first, I wanted to learn how to backflip.  needless to say after about thirty minutes of “practice” and watching videos trying to figure it out, I decided I didn’t want to break my neck, so I settled for handstands.  I have very average balancing skills so it is something I thought would be good to work on.  I got the inspiration to do handstands from an Instagram personality who is famous for her fitness and extreme ability to control her body balance and strength.  This Instagrammer also posts tutorials on her youtube channel about the steps towards handstands and tips for how to better your balance, strengthen your shoulders, as well as a lot of stretches you can do before and after practice.  I want to document at least some of my progress but I forgot to record my starting point a few days ago, but let me just tell you… it was not very good.  According to the person I am following on how to do a handstand, you can officially do a handstand when you can hold it freely without any help for 10 full seconds.  And so far 3 seconds of being upside down feels like forever.  Even after only a few days I already feel like I am getting better so hopefully, I can do it in time for this assignment.

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