Twitter in The Classroom

I have come to learn that Twitter can be a great platform for communicating and sharing with friends and colleagues.  It has a very broad spectrum of interests to tailor your experience on the site and offers a lot of different ways people can get their news.  I actually created my twitter account for this class, I never had one before this and never really wanted one either.  And to be honest, I still don’t really like twitter all that much, it just feels like one more thing to think about during the day, and I really struggle to find things interesting enough to post about.  I don’t disagree with people saying that twitter is a good platform, I just don’t enjoy having one more social platform to be active on.

Participating in the SaskEdChat was very fun, and I met a few new people during it who were all educators, which could be a good resource in the future.  I can see twitter as a good resource for teachers and those people who are trying to build an online presence, but I do not see twitter as a good resource for an actual classroom.  I can’t seem to think of any way to use it in an elementary class other than sharing news, which a student can easily do, and probably already does on their own. I realize that this blog probably sounds very negative towards twitter, but that is not what I am trying to express.  I think twitter is good, but I don’t think its necessarily good for everything.

One thought on “Twitter in The Classroom

  1. Lochlin,
    I can see your point of view when surrounding the idea of Twitter in the classroom. When we had our zoom breakout rooms we discussed the idea of using Twitter and I had a very similar response however, another person in my group expressed the idea of using Tweet Deck to grow the students social media presence and having them understand the idea of once something is out on social media, it remains there. Many kids these days do not understand this idea and often post/say whatever they want. It is important for teachers to educate our students on the risks as well as benefits of social media and the idea of being more professional on social media. I would not use Twitter or Tweet Deck all the time in my classroom but after discussing this, I could see the importance of teaching social media professionalism!


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