Handstand Progression and Learning to Edit

This week for my learning project I think I overcame some of the challenges I had last week.  since last week when I added the stretching routine and wrist Mobility exercises, I have noticed a great increase in my wrist flexibility and there’s also been some reduced swelling in my wrists after each handstand session.  Overall, I think my handstand had improved, the biggest change I have noticed is that I have been able to control my core much better than I could a few weeks ago and I find that I’m staggering a lot less during the Handstands.  So far my greatest challenge during this learning project hasn’t been that I can’t do the handstands or that I’m lacking in strength, the biggest challenge has been the setbacks with injuries I am experiencing.  some of the pain in my wrists and shoulders has held me back from improving overall.  


Editing this video was a bit of a challenge.   I found it very difficult to find editing software that I could easily understand and could learn in a time frame that would fit for this class.   first I downloaded a video editing software program called blender.  It was very confusing and looked super complicated, I was immediately put off and started to feel stressed about how I was going to figure out editing on this software.  I ended up deciding not to use blender to edit my videos, partly because it was very confusing but also because all of my footage was on my phone and I couldn’t find a way to transfer the video from my phone to my laptop because the file size was too large to send.   I ended up editing my video on my phone using iMovie, and I know iMovie is not something that is very complicated and a lot of people use it but it was the only thing I had available to me that I could use to fit the time constraint to finish it before the due date.   overall I’m happy with how my video turned out and I’m pleasantly surprised to see the kind of quality I could achieve from editing on my phone.   In the future, if I ever need to edit more videos hopefully I can figure out a way to import videos from whatever camera I use onto my laptop and use real editing software in order to get a better result.

3 thoughts on “Handstand Progression and Learning to Edit

  1. Thanks for sharing more about your learning project. I totally get what you are saying about finding a video editor that is not too complicated. I am a beginner with a lot of the apps and things so I definitely needed to start out slow. The app that I found besides iMovie is InShot. A few people from the class have also found it to be pretty easy to use and it has lots of features. The best thing is that it works well off of your phone. Julia from class has an awesome video on her blog about the app. Side note, you seem to be getting the hang of the handstands and understanding what stretches and exercises are going to help your wrists and fingers. Have a great day.


  2. Sorry to hear about your injuries! Did you acquire them from doing handstands or are they previous injuries that are just coming more to light now that you’re constantly doing handstands?


    1. my wrists and joints have always been bad. I lift weights very often and have always had stress on the wrists so hand standing just flared up old injuries.


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