The Activist Responsibilities

The way I see it teachers have always been the ultimate role model for young children.  A teacher with a great attitude and work ethic has the power to influence a child’s life without them even knowing it.  The power teachers have on influencing the lives of their students it’s so great, and that is why teachers have to be responsible and aware of how they use the internet and what worldviews they portray to their students in the classroom.  Teachers want students to grow up to be active members of society and be model citizens.   Teaching students at a younger age about racism and oppression and showing them why it’s wrong it’s going to be our best bet at creating a better society at large.  

Of course, there are going to be risks when you teach students about these topics.   The parents of some students may have different views than you do and they might feel like you’re teaching their child the wrong information.  But, I feel like there are more parents nowadays and they’re going to be more parents in the future that have much more open views on the world and how society operates.  All we can do as teachers, in the end, is to give the students all the information they need to be responsible online and in life, we can’t control how someone else is going to use the internet and what they’re going to say or share about any given topic, but, we can do our best and we’ll have to do our best to make sure everyone is informed and prepared to portray and respond to views the encounter in life and online.

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