Experimenting with more Editing

This week I wanted to do some more editing so I took the advice from my classmates and tried using inshot.   I ended up liking it a lot more than iMovie just because it had a lot more options and editing settings to choose from.  I really enjoyed learning how to use inshot and I found that editing, in general, is just kind of fun, I really like filming and then seeing the footage before it’s edited and seeing it after it’s edited,  is a very rewarding feeling.  in the video you see me using yoga blocks and I got the idea to use those from a video on Morgan Rose Moroney’s  YouTube channel.   I’ve said it before in previous posts but she is very informative and so far seems like a great teacher that has really helpful tips and tricks I can use to get the hang of it.  If anyone is looking for a YouTube channel more centered on stretching, mobility, and body control I would highly recommend her Channel.  If anyone has the time to watch my video it would be greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Experimenting with more Editing

  1. Thank you for sharing you post and another video. It is interesting to see your process, physical skills can be so challenging for many reasons but sometimes it just takes our bodies more time to perform the skill. I also really appreciate your honesty about how it feels to make the videos and talking to the camera, interesting observations to make about your learning project.

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  2. Hey Lochlin!
    This was a very informative post about your progress and the process in general. I really like how in your video you went really in depth about the importance of stretching before physical activity to get your blood flowing, prevent injury, etc. Also, how you mentioned many important aspects of learning to do a handstand such as core strength, breathing, balance, etc. I also really liked how you were really open about your struggles and frustration with this process and feeling stagnant in your progress. This an important aspect of learning to do anything, especially when its a physical skill such as doing a handstand, when you’re using different muscles than you usually would be! So, it was great that you were open about that. You did a really great job of explaining everything that you were doing and why you were doing it. You have definitely made some really great progress! And as far as the voice overs and talking to your camera, you seem comfortable in front of the camera and steady/clear in your explanations from a viewer’s perspective, even if it doesn’t feel that way yet!


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