My Cyber-Sleuthing Experience

For this assignment, I went into a group of three including myself, Rachel Steele, and Meegan Svedahl,  from what I could find sleuthing is not as easy as I thought it would be!  To start off I just want to say that this was actually a very uncomfortable feeling, it didn’t feel right stalking someone online in order to learn as much as I could about them.  I would imagine some people can do this very easily, but I struggled and didn’t know the best way to get more information on them than I did.  My first instinct was to search up their profiles on Instagram but that lead me nowhere because they both have private accounts so I can’t view any of their posts.  After I checked Instagram I started searching more into Meegan, I found that she is 21 years old and was born in Regina, she spent a lot of time in the countryside growing up.  I also found out that her grandfather was a carpenter.  Meegan went to Jack Mackenzie School in Regina and has had passion for swimming which led to her working as a lifeguard instructor for many years.

Rachel grew up on a farm outside of Regina.  Growing up she played softball, volleyball, and she also skated.  She says that she enjoys baking and loves to travel, she even has a destination bucket list!  Another hobby of hers is woodworking.  Judging from a few pictures I saw, she has a dog and two cats.  Rachel is at the UofR (obviously) studying Elementary ED

Overall, I couldn’t find a whole lot of information, which I think is good for them, it means to me at least that they have a very professional online presence.  It doesn’t seem like they over or under share about themselves, it is just enough information to get an idea about who they are.  I like that their digital identities are a bit smaller, there are just less chances of anything bad happening, which is why I also try to keep my digital identity to the minimum.

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