Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is an idea that is becoming more and more popular among teachers and internet conscious people in the world.  And with students and young kids having a lot of exposure to online sources and the internet as a whole, teaching them how to properly and responsibly determine the good from the bad online is the most important thing.  Since 2016 the idea of fake news has skyrocketed to the point where it gets really difficult to tell the reliable news from the fake news.

The best way to teach kids about these fake news sources and unreliable sites is in my opinion to just warn them about them.  Let them know that things like that are out there and they need to be aware of it before they start to try research a topic.  Let students know about the Five C’s of critical consuming, context, credibility, construction, corroboration, and compare.  Using these tools will help students and anyone who wants to learn search properly and filter out false or fake information.  Also, this comic strip explains things in a simple easy to understand, which makes it a great resource for students or beginners.  And lastly, this video was done by TedED outlines the best ways to identify fake news in world full of it, going from very select news sources to almost countless different sources made it hard for people to tell what was worth reading and what wasn’t.  Knowing how to determine what is and isn’t worth educating yourself on is the most important part of becoming a well-informed citizen.

One thought on “Digital Literacy

  1. Hi Lochlin,
    I completely agree: we need to choose what is and isn’t worth spending our time on. There is an overwhelming amount of information available to us, not all of it reliable, and not all of it necessary. We could spend our entire lives trying to learn everything there is to know, but in the end, we still would only be novices. By being more selective in what we take the time to read and watch, we have more of a chance of doing something useful with what we have learned. Thanks for sharing!

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