Steady Progress

Since my last learning project post, I feel I have definitely gotten stronger and have started to gain more balanced overall.  For the first few days, almost a week of doing handstands my shoulders and upper back were extremely sore.  But now I can do a practice session and finish everything with little to no soreness which means I have gotten stronger and can practice for longer without fatigue.

I did start to notice a little bit of pain in my wrists from all the weight on them so I started incorporating a bit of a stretching and warm-up routine I do before and after I practice the actual handstands, it seems to be helping a little bit, but the pain might just be something normal I need to get used to.  After all my practice, so far the longest I’ve held a handstand was about six seconds, which is already such an improvement from where I started.  If I am going, to be honest though, it was a very shaky six seconds and it felt like forever, but ill keep getting stronger and improve on the form until I can get this right! Heres an updated picture on my form so far.

2 thoughts on “Steady Progress

  1. Hey Lochlin! It looks like you’re continuing quite steady with your progress! Six seconds is great especially this early on in your goal, after all, all progress is progress. I would definitely recommend checking out some yoga videos on youtube I have found that it helps a lot with overall balance, control, and wrist strength! Good luck and keep on keeping on.


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