Learning Project Wrap-Up

I started this project with the goal of being able to hold a free handstand for at least ten seconds.  Which for a beginner, is something a little bit daunting to take on.  But, I still wanted to try and accomplish this the best I could.  Going into the first week of my project I did some research on handstand form, warm-ups, and stretching.  During my research phase, I discovered a Youtube channel which I used for the remainder of my project, her name is Morgan Rose Moroney, she uses her platform on Youtube and Instagram to show her fitness journey and offers coaching opportunities to those who want it.  After searching her channel I took one video about stretching and a handful of others actually about executing handstands.

Week 1:

In my first week, I saw a very steep learning curve.  I had said t myself that it shouldn’t be too hard and I just need to get the form down, with my background I have in the gym I don’t have any experience being upside down which was my biggest challenge.  I just wasn’t comfortable being put in a position that was not stable or steady.  Luckily I had my mom and my sister who were both previously gymnasts, so when I first started out they spotted me and gave me some more tips along the way which really helped me get the ball rolling with my whole project.

Week 2:

Week two is when I started seeing a bit more strength gain and progression, the kick up into the handstand was something that wasn’t such a big deal anymore and got easier and easier.  By the end of the second week, I was already more confident in my ability and had worked up to a very shaky 3 or 4 second hold. I was so surprised with myself and this new ability I was learning, it felt like I was progressing so quickly and easily that I think I began to slack a little bit on my stretching and warm-up which ended up hurting my progress later.

Weeks 3&4:

The next two weeks came to a standstill in regards to my progression.  I began noticing inflammation in my wrists and elbows, I can assume from the stress put on my joints from holding my body weight in a way I was not used to.  The other reason I believe that contributed to my minor injuries is that I got too overconfident with myself and my skills, so I started skipping or slacking on my warm-up routine.  Not properly warming up or stretching is bad for you in any physical activity.  I honestly do not know why I started slacking on my routines because in my regular workouts I never do, hand standing didn’t feel like an actual workout so I didn’t treat it with the same level of dedication.

Weeks 5&6

Early in my project, I posted a video on my Instagram story of my practicing and I managed to hold a handstand for about ten seconds, that success did not last long though because I could not replicate what I had done so early and it frustrated me a lot.  If anyone would like to watch the video my Instagram handle is Lochlin00 and I have it saved on my profile.  I was so angry and upset that I just couldn’t get it right so I took a week off of practice in hopes that just taking a break would help my progress.

The Wrap-Up

I am now finishing this project without totally completing my goal, although I did hold for ten seconds one time I couldn’t get good enough to do it again or replicate what I wanted.  Overall I still see my experience with this as a positive one, I may not have gotten to the point I wanted to be at but I still progressed a great deal and for the most part, I did enjoy learning something new and I enjoyed being a novice at something new.  I can’t be sure if I will continue to practice but maybe I’ll pick it back up in the future.

EDTC300 Final Networked Learning

During my time in this class, the support from my fellow students has been immense.  I found so many of the comments on my blog very helpful and supportive, they really helped me keep going and stay motivated.  One comment I got was this one below.

It was comments like these that really put a smile on my face!  I personally didn’t comment on many blogs because I got distracted and occupied with other things, I preferred to interact more on Twitter than the other platforms.  The best part about Twitter for me was participating in the SaskED Chat, I met so many other educators from across the province and talked about some really interesting topics that gave me some other perspectives on teaching.

I found interacting on Twitter to be much easier, mainly because it was more instant.  On blog posts the person may not see it right away or not receive notifications, wherewith Twitter is more available to see responses, comments, and retweets.  On the last picture there you can’t see it but I commented “Struggling does not mean stupid” which may have been my favourite comment I wrote because I think that is such a strong and important thing for teachers and other students to know about people learning.  Just because a person has a hard time does not mean they will always have a bad time, they will have to work hard but will eventually understand.

Learning Project: A Short Break

This last week I basically took the whole time off of working on my handstands in a hope to let my wrists and joints recover before I put more stress on them.  The goal for me is to be at 100% for next week which is the last learning project post I will be making, I’m hoping by then I’ll be good to go.  I did a lot of stretching this week and worked more on my flexibility, which is something I have struggled with in the past and I have have been noticing myself feeling looser and not so tight all the time.

As for now, I don’t have any progress to share because of the week off I took, but next week for my final post I am going to try and just hold a handstand for as long as I can and see how I did over the course of this whole learning project.  I know it’s not very exciting, but taking some breaks from training is important.  You need to give your body a chance to rest and reset before you keep throwing more things at it.  This break was the best thing for my body at this time and I’ll do my best when the time comes for my next post.

Coding Newbie: Beginner Coding and Making Games

Apparently, coding can be fun!  In my mind coding was always this super complex thing that really smart computer engineers did, but learning the basics was really interesting.  And obviously, I am using a very basic platform with easy to understand instructions but none the less, I had a great time doing it and learned a lot.

Altogether I did one hour of coding, I started with a basic introduction and tutorial, then moved to make sequences and from sequences came different factors you had the option to add.  Adding factors or other variables gave the game a lot more dimension than just a ball bouncing around.  I have never had any experience with coding prior to this but I wish I did.  This is a great tool for kids to take advantage of and learn from, none of my schools offered a computer science or coding class but I hope more schools start to add them in the future.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is an idea that is becoming more and more popular among teachers and internet conscious people in the world.  And with students and young kids having a lot of exposure to online sources and the internet as a whole, teaching them how to properly and responsibly determine the good from the bad online is the most important thing.  Since 2016 the idea of fake news has skyrocketed to the point where it gets really difficult to tell the reliable news from the fake news.

The best way to teach kids about these fake news sources and unreliable sites is in my opinion to just warn them about them.  Let them know that things like that are out there and they need to be aware of it before they start to try research a topic.  Let students know about the Five C’s of critical consuming, context, credibility, construction, corroboration, and compare.  Using these tools will help students and anyone who wants to learn search properly and filter out false or fake information.  Also, this comic strip explains things in a simple easy to understand, which makes it a great resource for students or beginners.  And lastly, this video was done by TedED outlines the best ways to identify fake news in world full of it, going from very select news sources to almost countless different sources made it hard for people to tell what was worth reading and what wasn’t.  Knowing how to determine what is and isn’t worth educating yourself on is the most important part of becoming a well-informed citizen.

My Cyber-Sleuthing Experience

For this assignment, I went into a group of three including myself, Rachel Steele, and Meegan Svedahl,  from what I could find sleuthing is not as easy as I thought it would be!  To start off I just want to say that this was actually a very uncomfortable feeling, it didn’t feel right stalking someone online in order to learn as much as I could about them.  I would imagine some people can do this very easily, but I struggled and didn’t know the best way to get more information on them than I did.  My first instinct was to search up their profiles on Instagram but that lead me nowhere because they both have private accounts so I can’t view any of their posts.  After I checked Instagram I started searching more into Meegan, I found that she is 21 years old and was born in Regina, she spent a lot of time in the countryside growing up.  I also found out that her grandfather was a carpenter.  Meegan went to Jack Mackenzie School in Regina and has had passion for swimming which led to her working as a lifeguard instructor for many years.

Rachel grew up on a farm outside of Regina.  Growing up she played softball, volleyball, and she also skated.  She says that she enjoys baking and loves to travel, she even has a destination bucket list!  Another hobby of hers is woodworking.  Judging from a few pictures I saw, she has a dog and two cats.  Rachel is at the UofR (obviously) studying Elementary ED

Overall, I couldn’t find a whole lot of information, which I think is good for them, it means to me at least that they have a very professional online presence.  It doesn’t seem like they over or under share about themselves, it is just enough information to get an idea about who they are.  I like that their digital identities are a bit smaller, there are just less chances of anything bad happening, which is why I also try to keep my digital identity to the minimum.

Experimenting with more Editing

This week I wanted to do some more editing so I took the advice from my classmates and tried using inshot.   I ended up liking it a lot more than iMovie just because it had a lot more options and editing settings to choose from.  I really enjoyed learning how to use inshot and I found that editing, in general, is just kind of fun, I really like filming and then seeing the footage before it’s edited and seeing it after it’s edited,  is a very rewarding feeling.  in the video you see me using yoga blocks and I got the idea to use those from a video on Morgan Rose Moroney’s  YouTube channel.   I’ve said it before in previous posts but she is very informative and so far seems like a great teacher that has really helpful tips and tricks I can use to get the hang of it.  If anyone is looking for a YouTube channel more centered on stretching, mobility, and body control I would highly recommend her Channel.  If anyone has the time to watch my video it would be greatly appreciated!

The Activist Responsibilities

The way I see it teachers have always been the ultimate role model for young children.  A teacher with a great attitude and work ethic has the power to influence a child’s life without them even knowing it.  The power teachers have on influencing the lives of their students it’s so great, and that is why teachers have to be responsible and aware of how they use the internet and what worldviews they portray to their students in the classroom.  Teachers want students to grow up to be active members of society and be model citizens.   Teaching students at a younger age about racism and oppression and showing them why it’s wrong it’s going to be our best bet at creating a better society at large.  

Of course, there are going to be risks when you teach students about these topics.   The parents of some students may have different views than you do and they might feel like you’re teaching their child the wrong information.  But, I feel like there are more parents nowadays and they’re going to be more parents in the future that have much more open views on the world and how society operates.  All we can do as teachers, in the end, is to give the students all the information they need to be responsible online and in life, we can’t control how someone else is going to use the internet and what they’re going to say or share about any given topic, but, we can do our best and we’ll have to do our best to make sure everyone is informed and prepared to portray and respond to views the encounter in life and online.

Handstand Progression and Learning to Edit

This week for my learning project I think I overcame some of the challenges I had last week.  since last week when I added the stretching routine and wrist Mobility exercises, I have noticed a great increase in my wrist flexibility and there’s also been some reduced swelling in my wrists after each handstand session.  Overall, I think my handstand had improved, the biggest change I have noticed is that I have been able to control my core much better than I could a few weeks ago and I find that I’m staggering a lot less during the Handstands.  So far my greatest challenge during this learning project hasn’t been that I can’t do the handstands or that I’m lacking in strength, the biggest challenge has been the setbacks with injuries I am experiencing.  some of the pain in my wrists and shoulders has held me back from improving overall.  


Editing this video was a bit of a challenge.   I found it very difficult to find editing software that I could easily understand and could learn in a time frame that would fit for this class.   first I downloaded a video editing software program called blender.  It was very confusing and looked super complicated, I was immediately put off and started to feel stressed about how I was going to figure out editing on this software.  I ended up deciding not to use blender to edit my videos, partly because it was very confusing but also because all of my footage was on my phone and I couldn’t find a way to transfer the video from my phone to my laptop because the file size was too large to send.   I ended up editing my video on my phone using iMovie, and I know iMovie is not something that is very complicated and a lot of people use it but it was the only thing I had available to me that I could use to fit the time constraint to finish it before the due date.   overall I’m happy with how my video turned out and I’m pleasantly surprised to see the kind of quality I could achieve from editing on my phone.   In the future, if I ever need to edit more videos hopefully I can figure out a way to import videos from whatever camera I use onto my laptop and use real editing software in order to get a better result.