EDTC300 Final Networked Learning

During my time in this class, the support from my fellow students has been immense.  I found so many of the comments on my blog very helpful and supportive, they really helped me keep going and stay motivated.  One comment I got was this one below.

It was comments like these that really put a smile on my face!  I personally didn’t comment on many blogs because I got distracted and occupied with other things, I preferred to interact more on Twitter than the other platforms.  The best part about Twitter for me was participating in the SaskED Chat, I met so many other educators from across the province and talked about some really interesting topics that gave me some other perspectives on teaching.

I found interacting on Twitter to be much easier, mainly because it was more instant.  On blog posts the person may not see it right away or not receive notifications, wherewith Twitter is more available to see responses, comments, and retweets.  On the last picture there you can’t see it but I commented “Struggling does not mean stupid” which may have been my favourite comment I wrote because I think that is such a strong and important thing for teachers and other students to know about people learning.  Just because a person has a hard time does not mean they will always have a bad time, they will have to work hard but will eventually understand.

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