Learning Project Wrap-Up

I started this project with the goal of being able to hold a free handstand for at least ten seconds.  Which for a beginner, is something a little bit daunting to take on.  But, I still wanted to try and accomplish this the best I could.  Going into the first week of my project I did some research on handstand form, warm-ups, and stretching.  During my research phase, I discovered a Youtube channel which I used for the remainder of my project, her name is Morgan Rose Moroney, she uses her platform on Youtube and Instagram to show her fitness journey and offers coaching opportunities to those who want it.  After searching her channel I took one video about stretching and a handful of others actually about executing handstands.

Week 1:

In my first week, I saw a very steep learning curve.  I had said t myself that it shouldn’t be too hard and I just need to get the form down, with my background I have in the gym I don’t have any experience being upside down which was my biggest challenge.  I just wasn’t comfortable being put in a position that was not stable or steady.  Luckily I had my mom and my sister who were both previously gymnasts, so when I first started out they spotted me and gave me some more tips along the way which really helped me get the ball rolling with my whole project.

Week 2:

Week two is when I started seeing a bit more strength gain and progression, the kick up into the handstand was something that wasn’t such a big deal anymore and got easier and easier.  By the end of the second week, I was already more confident in my ability and had worked up to a very shaky 3 or 4 second hold. I was so surprised with myself and this new ability I was learning, it felt like I was progressing so quickly and easily that I think I began to slack a little bit on my stretching and warm-up which ended up hurting my progress later.

Weeks 3&4:

The next two weeks came to a standstill in regards to my progression.  I began noticing inflammation in my wrists and elbows, I can assume from the stress put on my joints from holding my body weight in a way I was not used to.  The other reason I believe that contributed to my minor injuries is that I got too overconfident with myself and my skills, so I started skipping or slacking on my warm-up routine.  Not properly warming up or stretching is bad for you in any physical activity.  I honestly do not know why I started slacking on my routines because in my regular workouts I never do, hand standing didn’t feel like an actual workout so I didn’t treat it with the same level of dedication.

Weeks 5&6

Early in my project, I posted a video on my Instagram story of my practicing and I managed to hold a handstand for about ten seconds, that success did not last long though because I could not replicate what I had done so early and it frustrated me a lot.  If anyone would like to watch the video my Instagram handle is Lochlin00 and I have it saved on my profile.  I was so angry and upset that I just couldn’t get it right so I took a week off of practice in hopes that just taking a break would help my progress.

The Wrap-Up

I am now finishing this project without totally completing my goal, although I did hold for ten seconds one time I couldn’t get good enough to do it again or replicate what I wanted.  Overall I still see my experience with this as a positive one, I may not have gotten to the point I wanted to be at but I still progressed a great deal and for the most part, I did enjoy learning something new and I enjoyed being a novice at something new.  I can’t be sure if I will continue to practice but maybe I’ll pick it back up in the future.

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