Coding Newbie: Beginner Coding and Making Games

Apparently, coding can be fun!  In my mind coding was always this super complex thing that really smart computer engineers did, but learning the basics was really interesting.  And obviously, I am using a very basic platform with easy to understand instructions but none the less, I had a great time doing it and learned a lot.

Altogether I did one hour of coding, I started with a basic introduction and tutorial, then moved to make sequences and from sequences came different factors you had the option to add.  Adding factors or other variables gave the game a lot more dimension than just a ball bouncing around.  I have never had any experience with coding prior to this but I wish I did.  This is a great tool for kids to take advantage of and learn from, none of my schools offered a computer science or coding class but I hope more schools start to add them in the future.

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